Thursday, November 4, 2010

Angel Tattoos

 Angel tattoos are some of the most popular tattoo designs that people get. There are so many different styles and unique ways of getting an angel tattoo. These include, getting angel wings tattooed on your back, guardian angels tattooed on your arms, chest or upper back, angels and devils fighting, or just a simple angel watching over you.

Tattooing is the art of embedding ink into the skin to create a permanent design, has been around for a long time. Several indigenous cultures have practiced tattooing for ornamentation, status and spiritual reasons. Though there are several tattoo designs, angel tattoos have always been most popular with men and women. Angel tattoos are believed to be very protective, since they symbolize protection, guardianship, beauty, spirituality, moral-value, peace and keepers of dreams.

 An angel tattoo on a woman signifies her search for purity within the soul. In addition to this, it also represents her divinity, patience and her presence as a gift to the world. It implies that she regards self-confidence as a significant part of beauty and believes in protecting herself and others. Those who sport the angel tattoos are believed to do so to express their belief in this concept. It is read as a sign that a woman will not settle for anything but the best.

    However, angel tattoos are also symbolic to men. It is believed that men who wear angels are extremely fond of women. It is often considered to be an expression of their masculinity and their love and respect for an angelic woman in their life. Men madly in love opt for angel tattoos. However, there are several men who wear these tattoos to simply flaunt them as a symbol of personal style.

There are different designs used to create angel tattoos. They are as follows:

Guardian Angels: The guardian angels are considered to be the protectors of humanity, especially in the times of crisis. The guardian angel tattoos often depict human forms holding or keeping a watch over children. Generally, people who love children wear these tattoos.
Archangels: The Archangel tattoos represent the seven angels that stood before God, in the Revelation. These tattoos generally depict a human form holding a large sword with wings spread out in readiness. The Archangel tattoos are very famous among religious people.

    Cherubs: Cherubs are considered to be messengers of love. Cherub angel tattoos generally depict an arrow piercing the heart. Many people sport these tattoos with the names of their loved one.

    Fallen Angels: The fallen angel tattoos usually depict a beautiful angel with a bloody sword in her hand. Others depict torn or injured wings. These tattoos generally use a darker and heavier ink to create the designs. These tattoos are very popular among the Goths, bikers and the devotees of Satan and the dark arts.

    There is a trend of people getting angel tattoos on their back, but they are not the original angel. These people are getting wings tattooed on their backs. It's a different type of tattoo since the angel wings make it look like the person actually has wings growing out of their back. Wings come in many different sizes, depending on the person. Some people have been getting this tattoo the size of their entire back, while others are getting small angel wings that fit in the upper part of the back.

angel tattoos        angel wing tattoos

    Here are a few original angels tattoos that people have. Some represent a loved one who has passed on while others represent a period in the person's life where they changed their life for the better. The person who has conquered something in their life might get the angel tattoo stepping on the devil as a representation of overcoming evil with good. As you can see there are many types of angel tattoos to choose from. These are just a very few pictures of what you can find on the internet. If you are looking for more detailed angel tattoos I would suggest buying a directory of tattoos for you to look through so you can have a better idea of what you want for your tattoo design.

angel devil tattoo        angel cross tattoo

angel tattoos

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