Monday, December 6, 2010

Egyptian Isis Tattoo

Ancient Egyptian culture has contributed much to nowadays tattoo industry. Egyptian tattoo designs have become a sought after art and a visual artifact of Middle Eastern ancient history.
The ancient Egyptians utilized tattooing for body decoration, religious purposes and social class distinction. The mummy of Amunet, was discovered in Thebes, Egypt, and dates back almost 4000 years. This mummy shows one of the earliest known examples of this type of tattooing.
These ancient Egyptian tattoos consisted of elaborate dash and dot patterns often used for fertility rites or ceremonies. Thus, many of these tattoos were commonly used by females. Although tattooing was a regular ritual for the ancient Egyptians, such practices are not nearly as common nowadays in modern Egyptian culture.
However, the popularity of Egyptian art and symbols has significantly risen in popularity in many Western countries, including the United States and other parts of North America. It is in these regions that the Egyptian designs have really begun to take off.
The variety of intriguing part-human part-animal gods and goddesses of ancient Egyptian are now being commemorated in intricate tattoo designs. The other Egyptian figures that are popular in today's Egyptian tattoos include: Bastet, Isis, Osiris, Amun, and Amun Ra.
Many ancient symbols and hieroglyphics are often incorporated into larger-scale tattoos as well. Pyramids, Sphinxes, cats, phoenixes and scarabs are popular.
So are objects taken from the ancient Egyptian religious amulets like the cross of life called 'ankh', snakes, scorpions and the eye of Horus.
Today, Society's involvement with all Egyptian related things is driven by society itself. Mummy and tomb excavations, museum exhibitions, specials on the Discovery channel, and Hollywood movies on Egypt and the mystery that surrounds it
keep a constant interest in this culture. The mere images of the Pyramids and the great Sphinx raise curiosity in all kinds of people. It is obvious why Egyptian tattoos are so popular.
Egyptian tattoo designs also give tattoo artists a great chance to showcase their artistic talent. From intricate shape designs to complex color schemes, Egyptian art is well known for its detail and complexity. So for a skilled tattoo artist and a dedicated wearer, Egyptian tattoos are the best choice. Any combination of symbols or images is possible, and the limits are constantly being expanded. This beautiful and mysterious historical art, rich in its signs and symbolism, will certainly remain with us for years to come. Egyptian tattoos are here to stay.

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