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Geek Ink: Brian Rowland

Brian Rowland is the second person I have intentionally hunted down after seeing pictures of his Tattoos online.  Armed with only “Brian the Vader Back Piece Guy,”  I scoured the internet until I finally found him.  Brian had a vast variety of Star Wars Tattoos that ranged from Lego Star Wars to The Clone Wars.  He is the proverbial wet dream for any Star Wars fanatic who’s wanted to get a tattoo.


NERDSociety: Let’s start off with the basic and obvious question, why Star Wars?

Brian Rowland: That is one of the questions I get asked the most often along with how long did that take, did that hurt, how much did that cost, are those real, and every once in a while, I will get, is that your family hahaha. But why Star Wars is by far the most difficult one to answer.  I could get real deep about it like most huge fans would and go on and on about how it changed my life and helped shape who I am today from my earliest childhood memories. How it changed cinema and the impact it had on how movies where made or even make religious comparisons for those that are into that angle. I just like sticking with its pretty cool and makes for some awesome tattoo reference.

Santa Yoda Tattoo

NERDSociety: Do you have any other tattoos other than Star Wars characters?

Brian Rowland: I have many pieces that are not Star Wars related a few that are funny and/or nerdy and others that represent the non nerdy side of me. For example I have a piece from my favorite non Star Wars movie “Falling Down” my favorite athlete Larry Bird and my favorite musicians Les Claypool and Eddie Vedder. On the nerdy side I have Sub Zeros fatality from the original MK, an old school television ( I am a huge TV junkie), a replica from my favorite artist Sas Christian.  I just got a Zubaz pants piece from my good friend Matt Dunlap those of you under 30 that are unfamiliar with Zubaz i suggest you go to and get a pair pronto.

NERDSociety: What is The Force in Flesh for those of us that don’t know?

Brian Rowland: Force in the Flesh is a book that was released by this cool guy named Shane Turgeon three or so years ago.  I was lucky to be featured there with my tattoos and the stories behind them.  It’s a pretty rad book especially if your into Star Wars or just tattoos in general. He also holds Star Wars themed tattoo contests similar to those held at your run of the mill tattoo convention only with a Star Wars twist at Star Wars conventions. I have never attended one myself but have heard that it is a great time for everyone involved. I may make the trip to Orlando this summer to jump in on the action.

Lego Star Wars TattooNERDSociety: It seem like you have a good even number of characters from the “old stuff” and the “new old stuff.”  Does this mean you like both equally, which I know is hard for many fans?

Brian Rowland: Hahaha of course not. Almost everyone over the age of 12,  I’m sure agrees.  Don’t get me wrong, it has its moments and Natalie Portman is Natalie Portman. But it is just too much driven towards a younger audience. It is fine when your selling toys but I don’t blame George for wanting to get paid and create a whole new generation of fans to carry on his legacy. It just sucks that that he had to dumb it down so much, and I really could have done without the “yipeeeee”, “animal surfing”, and of course “Nooooooooo.”

Star Wars Tattoo Sleeve

NERDSociety: Your the second person who we’ve featured that is quote “sleeved up?”  Why did you choose to get covered in something that is considered nerdy rather than Skulls, Barbwire, and Virgin Marys’?

Brian Rowland: That’s simple because I am a huge Nerd. I think it would be a little weird if I was covered in skulls or had a Polynesian body suit. It’s just not who I am. I think it would be more strange to see a Nerdy looking dude with a bunch of flames and skulls, but that’s just me.

NERDSociety: I recently found there are some haters out there, of the nerd kind. This one guy posted on his blog that disliked Star Wars fans  getting tattoos, and quoted to say “they are not real fans.”  What do you say to guys like these, other than STFU?

Lei and Anakin TattooBrian Rowland: I have come across a few people with similar opinions and the vast majority of them are against tattoos in general. I am curious as to why anyone would say any Star Wars tattoo collector is “not a real fan”.  Maybe he or she is just closed minded or can’t understand why someone would “do that to themselves” so they go the close minded immature route to mock and insult. Whatever the reason its all “sticks and stones,” the self anointed super fans have the right to there opinions just as much as someone has the right to mark themselves with an image they are passionate about.

NERDSociety: Spoken like a “true fan” lol.  We look foreword to hearing from you if you add any additions to your grand collection, and thanks for sharing your Geek Ink with us.

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