Sunday, June 27, 2010

Scarab Beetle Tattoo Picture

A magical fantasy design with a scarab beetle dancing along with two sphere-shaped bi-pedal three-toed curious alien type creatures. In the background is a green gaseous cloud and a large sun. This wonderous design appears on a guy's shoulder/upper arm. A nice conversation piece.

Rooster Tattoo Picture

A cartoon drawing of a rooster. He is running rapidly to the right. Green, blue, red and yellow ink are nicely apportioned in this whimsical design. He is big eyed and has his beak open, which adds to the urgency of his run. The tattoo show a nice clean outline work and good use of shading.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

E.P. NEWS >>>>

>>>> Postcard from "slowly but surely-on my way back" land !

Ant Tattoos

Collection of creepy crawly ant tattoos.
Ants with strawberry tattoo.
Ant around eye facial tattoo.
Large ant tattoo.
Black ant on ankle tattoo.
Ant on back tattoo.

New Scorpion Tattoo

New Scorpion Tattoo

Crocodile Tattoo Picture

An intriguing pose for this ancient reptile, with its tail bent at a sharp angle. Nice artistic rendering of its bumpy skin.

Crab Tattoo Picture

A black ink crab with a deep purple shadow. The crab is a zodiac symbol, Cancer.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Eckel info...

This is for everyone who's been writing us lately about booking with Eckel:
He is back in Cph, and booking the next three months.
That means no late fall/winter appointments just yet, so if that's the only time you can come get tattooed, you'll have to wait a bit longer to book.

Please email and be sure to include ALL relevant info:
Your ideas, the placement/size, what dates you're not available if any, your budget if you have a limit on how much you wanna spend and whatever else we could possibly need to know.
If we already have an email conversation going, please reply to the most recent mail instead of sending a new one, so i have all of our correspondence in one mail.

Only few appointments left.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ladybug Tattoos

Super cute ladybug tattoos.
Close up photo of ladybug tattoo.
Flower and ladybug tattoo.
Trail of four ladybug tattoos.
ladybug with initials tattoo.

Ladybug Foot Tattoos

Picture gallery of ladybug foot tattoos.
Ladybug tattoo on bottom of foot.
ladybug tattoo on top of foot.
Three ladybug tattoos on foot.
Big ladybug tattoo on foot.
Small ladybug tattoo on foot.

SMS Service

Stay connected with Immortal Tattoos very own 24hr SMS service where all your questions will be answered, regarding Tattoos, Modelling, New Projects and much more !!

Register yourself for free by SMSing your NAME, AGE, SEX, EMAIL and followed by :
1 for Canvases
2 for Models
3 for Job Seekers
4 for being on SMS List for UPDATES
5 for all of the above to 81543922.

Example : Linda Tan 24 F (2).

You can also sms 81543922 for any other enquiries.

Wren Tattoo Picture

A completely black ink tattoo design of a wren in a thick outline rectangle on this person's arm. The design is inked in a stencil, woodblock or stamped-like fashion.

Meaning: birds often symbolize freedom since they can fly away from earth's surface, the fact that this one is boxed in may indicate some restriction or reasoned restraint on that freedom.

Worm in Apple Tattoo Picture

An outline of a worm popping out of an apple. The smiling worm holds its tiny worm arms over its heart/ The banner completes the saying "Apple of my eye." This is a nice tattoo exactly as it is, or it may look nice after being filled in with color for the apple and worm.

Monday, June 21, 2010

girly tattoo picture

girly tattoo picture
Back girly tattoo picture

cute lower back tattoo

cute lower back tattoo
This cute lower back tattoo is perfect for a girly girl who wants something simple and feminine

star tattoo picture

star tattoo picture
girly foot star tattoo picture -temporary tattoo for girls

all Zodiac Tattoo

all Zodiac Tattoo
all Zodiac Tattoo pictures in one

Aquarius tattoo picture

Aquarius tattoo picture
Aquarius tattoo picture

Aries tattoo

Aries tattoo
Aries tattoo ideas

Cancer tattoo

Cancer tattoo designs image
Cancer tattoo designs image

Capricorn tattoo

free Capricorn tattoo designs pic
free Capricorn tattoo designs pic

Gemini tatoo

FREE Gemini tatoo designs picture
FREE Gemini tatoo designs picture

Leo tattoo

free Leo tattoo designs
free Leo tattoo designs

Pisces tattoo

free  Pisces  tattoo pictures
free Pisces tattoo pictures

Scorpio tattoo

free Scorpio tattoo designs
free Scorpio tattoo designs

Sagittarius tattoo

free Sagittarius tattoo designs
free Sagittarius tattoo designs

Taurus tattoo

free Taurus tattoo designs
free Taurus tattoo designs

Libra tattoo picture

 Libra tattoo picture
Libra tattoo picture

Virgo tattoo

Virgo tattoo pic
Virgo tattoo

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Stingray Tattoo Picture

A stingray tattoo design on this person's shoulder, upper back. It's done in black/gray ink with a shadow to give it some depth. The tessellation indicates this is a freshwater spotted stingray.

Meaning: the stingray is associated with stealth, speed (as in the Stingray muscle car), danger (due to its poisonous tail), and friendliness (due to that it is a favorite in petting pools).

Squirrel Tattoo Picture

Awesome upper arm tattoo design of an acorn, squirrel, mushrooms and flourishes. Done in black/navy blue ink. The style makes it appear to be a papercutting design.

Meaning: the squirrel is associated with cuteness, industry, determination (as in have you ever seen how mad crazy persistent they can be to get in a bird feeder), fun-loving, accumulating (as in to squirrel away).

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Arm Skull tattoo design

Arm  Skull tattoo

Cute Temporary Tattoo-Cool Arm Skull tattoo design

Tattoo for little kids

Cute Temporary Small Lovers  Tattoo

Cute Temporary Tattoo for little kids

Lovers' Cute Tribal Dragon

Cute  small Tribal Dragon TattooLovers' Cute Tribal Dragon Tattoo on hand

foot flower tattoo

foot flower tattoo

Chimonathus Praecox Tattoos

Foot Chimonathus Praecox Tattoos designs

flower skull tattoo

Foot Tattoo Designs: flower skull tattoo

Anime With girl Tattoo

Anime With girl Tattoo

Exotic Zodiac Signs Tattoos

Ridding yourself of the usual and daily boring life can be quite difficult and even impossible for some. Some people may not know any means of how to spice up either their stagnant and plain attitude or their colorless and dull exterior. Are you one of these people? Or perhaps, you might be the type of person who frequently consults the stars and constantly asks for divine intervention? Well, ask no more as the answer to your prayers is definitely just around the corner! Want to know what it is? The thing you might be looking for is what you call - Zodiac signs tattoos!

For thousands of years, the ancient people of the world believed that the stars and all the heavenly bodies brought about the destiny and fortune of everyone. Almost every single constellation seen in the skies were given meaning and interpretation to help guide the people to the right path. As time passed, these people created the zodiac. The zodiac has two forms depending on its origin. The first form is the western form in which it consists of the 12 signs namely: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. On the other hand, the other form is the Chinese zodiac which consists of the 12 animals which represents each year namely: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.

No matter what type of zodiac signs tattoos you get, you are surely going to have a lot of fun and memories with it. Most people particularly of the western hemisphere who do get this kind of tattoo design usually go for the western zodiac and get their own zodiac sign rather than another and the same goes for people of eastern descent, they mostly get the zodiac they were born in rather than someone else' zodiac sign.

It is important to take note however that the procedure of getting a tattoo whatever design it may be can prove to be quite painful and stingy to almost all first-timers. This is because of the method of using extremely pointed and sharp needles to prick into the surface of the skin continuously until the indelible ink reaches its final destination which is the dermis layer of the skin. This is vital because those inks that fail to be embedded into the dermis layer usually result to a not so permanent color meaning it will fade away in no time. Indelible ink that is on the other hand correctly placed in the dermis layer of the skin will have permanence and will not come off even with daily wear and tear and washing.

Also, it is vital that you not just get a tattoo from anyone. You must be really sure that you get a tattoo from an expert and respectable one. After all, you do not want to get hurt... much! Go for a clean and well-managed tattooing station or area, this will help you get an idea of how good their resident tattoo artists are.