Sunday, December 12, 2010

Coley Dawn Tattoos

image1st47 S&I Doll– Coley Dawn 
My mom has tattoos and I got to watch her get a few of them when I was young. My mama was my idol, so of course I always wanted to get one like her. When I turned seventeen she brought me to her artist for my first tattoo. I was surprised, so I hadn’t thought about what to get. I chose to get my name with a little flower next to it. It’s hideous. But of course it is my first one and represents that time in my life. Therefore I cannot bring myself to cover it.

My sleeve has a lot of meaning, all surrounding family. The top half is a portrait of my mother with her favorite plants and flowers around it. Gerber daisies and English ivy. The lower part has a full moon, an owl, two trees and a girl turning into the wind. The owl represents my grandmother who raised me. She is sitting in one of the trees overlooking, protecting and providing wisdom to the girl.  The trees represent strength. The full moon I included because that is a time of high energy and gravity. Generally most of the crazy things I’ve done happened during full moons. The girl becoming the wind represents my freedom to go wherever and be whatever I want. I love change and, like the wind, I never stay in one place for too long.

I have had multiple talented artists work on me. Tattoo Tina did my back and foot.  My neck was done by Tennessee, owner of Crossbones Tattoo. And the sleeve was done by Yetti at Electric Dragonland in Hopkins, MN and Skip Sampson of 1603 in Ybor City, Florida.
Professionally I am a hair and makeup artist. I work on photo shoots, film and television, and I recently signed with an agency. I live in an apartment on the ocean, have a great family and amazing friends, and I live across the street from a cheap bar with good music. The only thing left that I really want to do is learn to drive a motorcycle, and be in a financial position to be able to buy one.
image1st251 680x1024 S&I Doll– Coley Dawn

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